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Byrne & Byrne - Building on Experience Since 1990

The name Gerry Byrne has been involved in the construction industry locally since 1990, originally setting up as a plastering sub-contractor doing work throughout the south-east. As the years went on Gerry continued to grow the business and in 2005 he saw a gap in the local market for a builder to provide a service with a personal touch. Each year more and more building work came his way and after a number of years Gerry was a well-established and well-respected builder in the area.

Gerry was joined by his son Sean in late 2016 after he completed his degree in construction management and engineering. They then chose to change the business name to a family orientated Byrne & Byrne Construction where they set out to provide their customers with a more personal service than is commonly expected within the industry, leading to a wealth of satisfied customers and an incredible list of positive reviews.

There are a number of things that separate Byrne & Byrne from other builders, from their commitment to their clients to acute attention to detail and a service where they make themselves available to the customer and their needs 24/7.

When asked how they consistently achieve such high-quality work Gerry stated that a builder is only as good as those that work for him, and he can’t stress enough how brilliant the members of his team really are, from top class carpentry work to the finest plastering and everything in between a customer would be very hard pushed to find a more friendly, experienced and talented group of tradesmen all working together.

So regardless of whether you're transforming your whole house or just one specific room, their team can design, plan and create your ideal project from beginning to end, whatever the budget and whatever the space.

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